Surface Conditioning Abrasives Discs

The discs can be rubbed in narrow parts of dot, line, can reduce the grinding area, avoid remaining redundant grinding mark and reduce correcting, loading and unloading time.

Product Details

Main Features

1 ) Our discs are made with premium quality Aluminum Oxide grains.
2 ) Used to quickly remove cut cork or paper gaskets and form in place gasketing materials prior to the assembling of power train components, engine blocks, heads, and valve covers.
3 ) Quick Change Discs are typically used for general purpose grinding, deburring, stock removal, cleaning up welds, removing paint, protective wax and scale oxidation.
4 ) For cleaning and finishing on all metals.

non woven abrasives disc

suitable in portable polishing machine. Used for metal castings, welding, burrs grinding and steel derusting, grinding, etc.
Aluminum Oxide Surface Conditioning Discs
Aluminum Oxide Surface Conditioning Discs Price