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    4.5" 115x1x22.2 metal cutting disc. Hot sale products. 4" 105x1.0x16mm Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc made in china. Quality assurance. Our company.

  • metal metal cutting disc 4½" (115mm) x 1 x 22.2mm 5 pack (2585v)

    Metal Metal Cutting Disc 4½" (115mm) x 1 x 22.2mm 5 Pack (2585V)

    Great quality, long lasting discs. Ideal for fast, straight and clean cutting. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. Hello andybaz, M14 would normally be the spindle thread size on an angle grinder which would then fit a 22.22 or 22.23mm blade and the tightening nut would be...

  • promo draper tools 100 x flat metal cutting disc 115x22.2x1.2mm

    Promo Draper Tools 100 X Flat Metal Cutting Disc 115x22.2x1.2mm

    SKILFUL cutting discs have always been seeking to break the limits of product performance. After the R&D team experienced multiple experiments, we Avoid Metal Thermal Burns - The 1.0mm ultra-thin metal cutting can improve the cutting sharpness, and the patented raw material ratio can promot the...

  • ceramic cutting disc, 115x22.2x5 mm | ronix tools

    Ceramic Cutting Disc, 115x22.2x5 mm | Ronix Tools

    Cutting discs and cut-off wheels come in a variety of different sizes and types in order to be applicable to various applications. RonixRH-3530 Ceramic Cutting Disc is produced in a segment height of 5mm. RH-3530 high-quality disc is 115mm in wheel diameter.

  • rhodius thin metal cutting discs 115 x 1 x 22mm

    Rhodius Thin Metal Cutting Discs 115 x 1 x 22mm

    Cuts stainless steel and steel with long lifetime. Iron and sulphur free Made in Germany to EN12413 Supplied in sturdy tin containing ten discs. Rated 5 out of 5 by Dopbar from S S cutting discs Cuts through mild steel like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Well, not quite as effortless but...

  • lenox metalmax 115mm x 22.2mm angle grinder diamond metal

    Lenox METALMAX 115mm X 22.2mm Angle Grinder Diamond Metal

    item 3 LENOX METALMAX DIAMOND cutting disc, 115 x 1.3mm - 2030865 3 -LENOX METALMAX DIAMOND cutting disc, 115 Cuts well, easy to control cut depth as you don't need to compensate for the disc getting smaller as its worn down and lot less mess than traditional discs .

  • irwin 115 x 1.2 x 22.2mm metal cut off disc - 10 pack

    Irwin 115 x 1.2 x 22.2mm Metal Cut Off Disc - 10 Pack

    Irwin Aluminium Oxide 115mm cut off discs are ideal for cutting ferrous metals including stainless steel. Designed to fit any 115mm angle grinder.

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    Cutting disc 115x1, 6x22, 2 mm for metal and stainless steel steel. 0.3$/pcs. Disc cut-off mills for metal HSS. Scroll Saw, Table Saw, Band Sander, Key Cutting Machine, Plier S/C Wc Nf Ctn Press, Tile Cutter, Belt And Disc To Saw, Metal Band Saw, Wood Lathe, Wood Drill Press, Drill X Gp.

  • cutting abrasive disc for metal cutting disc

    cutting abrasive disc for metal cutting disc

    5" cutting disc 125mm METAL CUT OFF WHEEL ANGLE GRINDER STEEL STAINLESS 1.2mm. Funny Welder Christmas Gift Welding Discs Metal Tools. J6Sp43oOLnR7JsJored. 115mm Thin Metal Cutting Grinder Disc 4½" x 1mm x 22.2mm Bore Stainless Steel. Brand new.

  • 500 pack - 115 x 1 x 22 mm ultra thin stainless steel cuttings disc

    500 pack - 115 x 1 x 22 mm Ultra thin stainless steel cuttings disc

    The cutting disc is a circular flat disc, resin-bonded (Aluminium Oxide) - Part of angle grinders and Separator Plates for a wide range of materials, there are so for metal, natural stone, asphalt This are suitable for all metal parts are included in the offer. Differences are cutting discs bound in two main...

  • cutting disc metal a60t inox 115x1.0x22.2mm | elmark

    cutting disc METAL A60T INOX 115x1.0x22.2mm | ELMARK

    Type For metal. Diameter 115 mm. Last viewed products. cutting disc METAL A60T INOX 115x1.0x22.2mm.

  • makita 115 x 1 x 22.23mm inox cutting disc - bunnings australia

    Makita 115 x 1 x 22.23mm Inox Cutting Disc - Bunnings Australia

    Grinder Accessories. Metal Grinding Discs. Makita. Makita 115 x 1 x 22.23mm Inox Cutting Disc. 5 (3).

  • 125 x 1 x 22mm multi cut thin mpa abrasive metal cutting discs

    125 X 1 X 22mm Multi Cut Thin MPA Abrasive Metal Cutting Discs

    75mm Abrasive Metal Cutting Discs. 4 Inch Metal Cut Off Wheels. These mixed abrasives metal cutting discs are suitable for metal. They're 230mm in diameter and 2mm thick, with a disc bore of 22.2mm. Inox Angle Grinder Cutting Discs 115x0.8x22.2. abrasive: aluminium oxide SA.

  • for good prices - titan metal cutting discs 115 x 1 x 22.23mm 3 pack

    for Good Prices - TITAN METAL cutting discS 115 X 1 X 22.23MM 3 PACK

    for Good Prices - Good quality, long lasting cutting discs.Cuts MetalAluminium OxideSpecialist DesignEasy to UseGood Quality Cutting MetalExcellent ValueGood...

  • metal metal cutting disc 4½" (115mm) x 1 x 22.2mm 5 pack (2585v)

    Metal Metal Cutting Disc 4½" (115mm) x 1 x 22.2mm 5 Pack (2585V)

    Bosch Metal Cutting Discs 4½" (115mm) x 1 x 22.23mm 10 Pack (65939). Product rating. Product Type. Metal Cutting Disc. Suitable Application.

  • metal cut off disc 115 x 1.2 x 22.23mm - herts tool co.

    Metal Cut Off Disc 115 x 1.2 x 22.23mm - Herts Tool Co.

    Metal Cut Off Disc. Metal Cutting Discs are manufactured using Aluminium Oxide abrasive grit with fibreglass reinforcing and resin bonded to provide both safety and optimum cutting performance. Discs with a 1.2mm thickness permit fine cutting where necessary on stainless steel and high grade metals.

  • bosch inox cutting disc metal 115 x 1.0 x 22.2mm

    Bosch Inox Cutting Disc Metal 115 x 1.0 x 22.2mm

    Technical Diameter: 115mm Bore: 22.23mm Thickness: 1mm Maximum circumferential speed: 80 m/s RPM: 12,250 min Complies with EN 12413. The Bosch Straight Inox <b>Metal Cutting Disc</strong> is manufactured to give accuracy during cutting. It features a precision cut edge...

  • flat metal cutting disc 115 x 22mm bore | selco

    Flat Metal Cutting Disc 115 x 22mm Bore | Selco

    A Bosch 115mm flat metal cutting disc. Benefits. High quality metal cutting disc. For use with hand-held angle grinders. Max. circumferential speed: 80m/s. 22mm bore.

  • metal cutting disc, 115mm

    Metal cutting disc, 115MM

    Turbo HD Poly Zirconia Flap Discs 115x22mm, 10/Pack. £15.00 +VAT. Good quality zirconia, with a fast and consistent cut. Premium quality and a superb addition to your weld finishing arsenal. Eliminate abrasive steps and leave a high quality finish. Can cut like a 120 grit flap disc and goes on...

  • metal cutting grinding discs wheel 115mm x 3.2mm x 22mm

    Metal Cutting Grinding Discs Wheel 115mm x 3.2mm x 22mm

    Metal, Stainless Steel. Diameter: 115 mm. AMTECH 5pc 1.2mm x115mm 4.5'' METAL BOLT cutting disc GRINDER CUTTER BLADE NEW.

  • angle grinder for metal p 115 x 1 x 22 mm | angle grinder disc

    Angle grinder for metal P 115 x 1 x 22 mm | Angle Grinder Disc

    Disc for metal cutting VERTO, A60T-BF-INOX. Angle Grinder Disc. type - for metal; outer diameter - 115 mm; mounting hole - 22 mm

  • 115mm x 1mm metal cutting disc inox (4.5") - myconsumables

    115mm x 1mm Metal Cutting Disc Inox (4.5") - MYconsumables

    115mm x 1mm Metal Cutting Disc Inox (4.5″).

  • abracs cutting disc phoenix extra ali 115mm x 1.0mm x 22mm pk5

    Abracs Cutting Disc Phoenix Extra Ali 115mm x 1.0mm x 22mm Pk5

    ...Discs Metal Cutting Discs Diamond Discs Mandrex Diamond Disc Blades Xtreme Pro Range Profi Range Standard Range Abracs Diamond Discs Ali 115mm x 1.0mm x 22mm Pk5 are expert quality, heavy duty specialist cutting and grinding discs designed specifically for use on aluminium and other...

  • 4-1/2" / 115mm angle grinder x 1mm thin metal steel cutting discs

    4-1/2" / 115mm Angle Grinder x 1mm Thin Metal Steel Cutting Discs

    Sub-Type: Thin Cutting Discs. Info 4 Manufacturer Part Number: AU596. Disc Size: 115mm (4-1/2"). Unit Quantity

  • metal cutting discs - 115mm x 1mm x 22.2mm

    Metal Cutting Discs - 115mm x 1mm x 22.2mm

    115mm x 1mm x 22.2mm.

  • punk 115mm x 1mm metal cutting disc | travis perkins

    Punk 115mm x 1mm Metal Cutting Disc | Travis Perkins

    Punk Abracs 115mm x 6.0mm x 22.23mm Stone Grinding Abrasive Disc. The T 118 A makes straight cuts in metal. Its milled, wavy-set teeth are ideal for cuts without special requirements. The fully hardened, high-grade HSS (high-speed steel) blade material is appropriate for cutting...

  • toolshed inox metal cut off disc 115 x 1 x 22.2mm

    ToolShed Inox Metal Cut Off Disc 115 x 1 x 22.2mm

    115mm x 1mm x 22.2mm centre (Suitable for 115mm or 4-1/2" Grinders). The ToolShed have specially selected these discs from a high quality When put to the test (using a 125mm disc) on 2mm thick 30mm x 30mm angle iron we got 28 cuts as opposed to Flexovit (29 cuts) and Dronco...