Surface Conditioning Abrasives Jumbo Roll

Surface conditioning abrasives jumbo roll is composed of nylon fibers and abrasives granules (A/O, S/C) with excellent wearing resistance, long life, uniformity of the degree of finish. It is suited to be converted into discs and belts.

Product Details
Abrasives Jumbo Roll

Soft Cloth Abrasive Rolls
1.Abrasive grain: fused alumina, Grits scope: P100-P600
2.Backing material:J weight cloth,
3.Bond: resin over resin4.Color: white
5.Forms: rolls,belts
6.Packing: packed in carton
7.Maximum width: 1380mm
8.Application: specialized in polishing steel, stainless steel, metal, aluminum alloy
9.Advantages:super-coated, non-filling, good polishing effect and stable quality.

Soft Cloth Abrasive Rolls
Hard Cloth Abrasive Rolls
1.Size: usually rolls(customized) 2.Abrasive material: Aluminum and zirconia 3.Surface: Red anti-clogging coating
4.Features: Water and oil resistant, wet and dry
5.Application: Grinding wood furniture,wall, ceramic products, hard surface, stainless steel,metal, polishing car parts, removing
Sharpness and durable, the joints produced by us are stable and high, not easy to disconnect from the joints.
Hard Cloth Abrasive Rolls
suitable for high efficiency work manually and automatic machines. used for satin-finishing, deoxidizing, deburring and polishing metals.