• cutting discs | angle grinder discs for wholesale prices

    Cutting Discs | Angle Grinder Discs for wholesale prices

    Cutting discs are used for cutting all types of metal and other dense or non dense material like plastic or wood for fast and straight cuts. Branded and unbranded discs are available to fit most makes and models of cutters and have various bore sizes to fit the specific power tool.

  • top 7 biggest diamond cutting tool buyers in kenya

    TOP 7 Biggest Diamond Cutting Tool buyers in Kenya

    Diamond cutting disc sizedia 180 mm x 2 5.40 bore dia x cutting width 2.2 mm x s egment height 12 mm make bosch (lut no. Drill Bit Nut Driver Jig Saw Blade Hole Saw T. C. T Saw Blade Steel Wire Brushes Resin Bonded Cutting Disc Diamond Saw Blade.

  • 4.5 inch thin cutting disc for inox, stainless steel

    4.5 inch thin cutting disc for Inox, stainless steel

    Stainless Steel. Material: Alunimium Oxide. Usage: Cutting Steel. Shape Now our products are used in more than 40 countries around the world. We also cooperated with many "big names" which have high global reputations(due to confidential agreement we have signed, we can not reveal their...

  • cutting disc, steel cut-off wheel for chop saw - 14#34; x 1/8#

    Cutting Disc, Steel Cut-off Wheel for Chop Saw - 14#34; x 1/8#

    Used with Chop Saw for cutting mild Steel, high allow steel, cast iron, full materials, bars, thick walled tubes and profiles. Diameter: 14 in / Arbor Hole: 1 in outdoors be convenience story love innovative stylish Cutting in-ground selling Premium through years From space After lives products. us most 29...

  • yeezugo challenge the lowest price 10 pcs diamond cutting wheel

    YEEZUGO Challenge the lowest price 10 pcs Diamond Cutting Wheel

    The Cutting Wheels are sharp and strong, making them perfect for Cutting gemstones, glass, geramics, porcelain, tiles, carbide, rocks, aluminium and copper. All Discs have Breathing Holes which is designed for heat reduction and removal of debris while using. Suitable for most rotary and air tools.

  • abrasive discs for cutting metal or stone

    abrasive discs for cutting metal or stone

    Abrasive cutting & grinding discs steel & inox steel stone 97 abrasive Abrasive discs provide a capability from cutting to polishing. Metal, wood and stone can be cut, shaped Grinding wheels and cut-off wheels are covered in abrasive grit and used for grinding, cutting, and...

  • how to use cutting disc with drill machine, diy

    How to use cutting disc with drill machine, DIY

    How to use cutting disc with drill machineplease watch full video.

  • cutting discs | steel, stone, concrete & metal discs | toolstation

    Cutting Discs | Steel, Stone, Concrete & Metal Discs | Toolstation

    What Are Cutting Discs Used For? There are cutting discs designed for specific jobs, whilst multi-purpose discs work with a diverse range of materials. A single device, such as an angle grinder, can be transformed into a universal tool with the right multi-disc.

  • s satc cutting wheel 50 pcs cut cuttin 4.5"x.040"x7 selling

    S SATC Cutting Wheel 50 PCS Cut Cuttin 4.5"x.040"x7 Selling

    【APPLICATIONS】These cutting discs are designed for cutting fiberglass, steel, iron, plastic, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals. Our long-lasting SATC Brand cut-off wheels use aluminum oxide resinoid-bonded grains to deliver a fast and consistent cut through pipes, tubes, or flat sheets of...

  • cutting disc 7 inch abrasive steel cutting disc for metal

    Cutting Disc 7 Inch Abrasive Steel Cutting Disc for Metal

    We uphold professional spirit, focus on core advantages, pursue excellent quality and adhere to excellence We are looking for long-term business Our company's products and the level of profit making tax are among the best in the industry and the Cutting Disc 7 Inch Abrasive Steel Cutting...

  • diamond metal cutting disc 3" 75mm, vacuum brazed cut-off wheel

    Diamond Metal Cutting Disc 3" 75mm, Vacuum Brazed Cut-Off Wheel

    Effective cutting: The brazing cutting blade can cut metal more than 5000 times. Compared with other cutting blades, it has longer service life and higher cost performance. Scope of application: It is very suitable for dry cutting of metal, steel, iron, brass profiles, aluminum, different types of pipes and...

  • hardened steel cutting wheel

    Hardened Steel Cutting Wheel

    This cutting disc is constructed from a hard abrasive used for slicing and cutting metal including hardened steel. A glass cutter may use a diamond to create the split but more commonly a small cutting wheel made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide 4 6 mm in diameter with a v shaped profile...

  • diamond blades and cutting discs | montolit

    Diamond blades and cutting discs | Montolit

    Cutting Tools Cutting tools include a series of diamond saw blades for cutting all kinds of granite This blade is usually referred to as a dry cutting blade. The reason that it can be used on dry Vacuum Brazed 5 Inch Circular Diamond Cutting Disc For Metal; 4-10 Inch Pearl Continue Turbo...

  • china cutting disc manufacturer on global sources, cutting disc

    China Cutting disc manufacturer on Global Sources, Cutting disc

    China Cutting disc HXL2015-05.04A-#4816 is supplied by Cutting disc manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources oxide Size: 100 to 300mm Packing: paper carton, pallet and boxes Used for cutting stainless steel, SS tube, SS pipe, alloy steel, inox, hard metal or other high tensile metal...

  • cutting disc package for metal 230 (centre depressed) - trotec

    Cutting disc package for metal 230 (centre depressed) - TROTEC

    Professional cutting disc in accordance with EN 12413. With a circumferential speed of 80 m/s, metal cutting discs are just as fast as a racing car at The abrasive used on the AD 230 M is corundum specially suited for metal, structural steel and cast materials. Corundum is the fourth hardest mineral...

  • anchor fixings. cutting discs

    Anchor Fixings. Cutting Discs

    Steel Cutting Blades. Metal Cutting Disc Chopsaw - 350x2.8x25.4 Proflex.

  • 230mm abrasive for stainless steel grinding cutting disc en12413

    230mm Abrasive for Stainless Steel Grinding Cutting Disc En12413

    Our company advocates the concept of zero defect in quality and zero distance in service. We also have a team of professional personnel to provide you with the most efficient solutions. Our products have mainly exported to both at home and abroad.

  • novoabrasive - cutting discs and grinding wheels for metal and stone

    NovoAbrasive - cutting discs and grinding wheels for metal and stone

    Cut-off and grinding wheels at the lowest price are the perfect choice for household and one-time Abrasive cut-off wheels for stone are used on angle grinders for cutting various materials made of State-of-the-art professional equipment made in Italy. In-house developments and solutions for...

  • 50pcs 3" x .040" x 3/8" inox cut-off wheel cutting disc for die

    50pcs 3" x .040" x 3/8" INOX CUT-OFF WHEEL Cutting Disc for Die

    Green Cutting Disc Abrasive 72m/s Bore Circle For grinding.metalworking. D Tungsten Steel Solid Carbide Burrs Rotary Tools For Carving Woodworker Metal.

  • cheap ! 25/50pcs resin cutting disc grinding wheel... | profitwinwin

    Cheap ! 25/50PCS Resin Cutting Disc Grinding Wheel... | profitwinwin

    (BEST DEALS) Tools Buy Quality 25/50PCS Resin Cutting Disc Grinding Wheel Abrasive Cutting Disc Drill for Stainless Steel&Metal 100mm Angle Grinder Aurora abrasives Vacuum Brazed Diamond Router Bits Granite Marble Router Cutter with 1/2" Shank Profiling Cutting Stone Edge Grit 60.

  • grinding disc 7 inches price | grinding and cutting wheels

    grinding disc 7 inches price | Grinding and Cutting Wheels

    7 inch Thin Cutting Disc Professional Cut Off Wheel advantages: Thin Metal Cutting Discs with. · Good Price SALI Brand Cutting and Grinding disc from China 7 inch Abrasive Stainless Steel Cutting Disc for Metal Package: Feature: 1.High-quality aluminum oxide grains 2.Excellent durability and...

  • dremel 32mm cutting grinding discs x10

    Dremel 32mm Cutting Grinding Discs x10

    This listing is for ten resin fibre 32mm cutting discs for use with most Dremel multi tools(may also fit other models). 10 x 115mm 4.5" ULTRA THIN METAL CUTTING BLADE DISC 1/2" STEEL & STAINLESS 1MM. NewNew · · Cutting DiscCutting DiscNew · Cutting Disc.

  • [solved] the chisel used for cutting steel sheets is usually

    [Solved] The chisel used for cutting steel sheets is usually

    Cold chisels are used for cutting metal. They are made from high - carbon steel, hardened and tempered at the cutting end. The opposite end, which is struck by the hammer, is not hardened but is left to withstand the hammer blows without chipping. The cross-section of chisels is usually hexagonal...

  • bosch professional diamond cutting disc best (for ceramic, x-loc

    Bosch Professional Diamond Cutting Disc Best (for Ceramic, X-LOC

    Diamond cutting discs X-LOCK - Best for Ceramic Extraclean Turbo. Particularly suitable for hard porcelain stoneware, tiles, granite, ceramic tiles (also To ensure optimal results when using Bosch Professional X-LOCK angle grinders, Bosch offers a huge range of accessories to cope with all kinds...

  • cutting wheel, cutting disc, grinding wheel... - ascendtrade

    cutting wheel, cutting disc, grinding wheel... - ascendtrade

    abrasive popular for industrial working and home use could be use for stone,metails situation. heavy duty quality and long time use. nova 14inch metal cut-off discs provide superior performance and increased productivity. Featuring a premium aluminum o.

  • resin cutting disc circular saw blade grinding wheel... - aliexpress

    Resin Cutting Disc Circular Saw Blade Grinding Wheel... - AliExpress

    Our resin cutting discs set is made by low loss materials with sharp blade, in good shape with no broken edges. It is durable, safe and efficient, can be easily attached to the Ideal for cutting all kinds of metal, cuting bolts or screws or removing rusted or stripped bolts and screws by making slots in them.

  • used limestone cutting machines used limestone cutting

    used limestone cutting machines used limestone cutting

    CUTTING Stone is best cut with a bench saw with a diamond blade. The stone should be washed after cutting Hand saws may be used to cut limestone, but a tile or masonry saw is the most-used piece of equipment A linear rock cutting machine was used to conduct the tests with a rolling disc cutter.

  • diamond cutting disc | cutting / grinding | metabo power tools

    Diamond cutting disc | Cutting / grinding | Metabo Power Tools

    Diamond cutting disc from Metabo - High-quality, reliable and long-lasting. Learn about professional power tools from Metabo now. Metabo uses cookies in order to optimize and continually improve the design of our website. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies.