• cutting disc stainless steel cut-off wheel 4-1/2" x 0.04" x 7/8" t41

    Cutting Disc Stainless Steel Cut-off wheel 4-1/2" x 0.04" x 7/8" T41

    New. 20 VCT Pro 7" Cut Off Wheels Disc Blades Hard Metal Fits Dewalt Grinders. New. 3 Inch Brazed Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel Stone Marble Abrasive for Angle Grinder. Cut-Off Wheel 3 x 1/16 x 3/8 10 PC Cut-Off Wheel for Die Grinder United USA.

  • steel freehand cut-off wheel - 4-1/2" x 1/16" x 7/8" - t41

    Steel Freehand Cut-off wheel - 4-1/2" x 1/16" x 7/8" - T41

    > Abrasives. - 4 Inch Cutting Wheels For Grinders On Metal & Stainless Steel. Box/75 New Norton Metal Cutoff Wheels for Metal 4-1/2" x 1/16" x 7/8" 43845.

  • cutting disc, steel freehand cut-off wheel - 7' x 1/16

    Cutting Disc, Steel Freehand Cut-off wheel - 7' x 1/16

    High Performance, Abrasive-Grade Aluminum Oxide Cut-Off Wheel. Resin Bonded and Fiberglass Reinforced for Maximun Safety. Ultra Thin Thickness Improves Cutting Accuracy, Minimize Material Waste and Burr Formation. Used with Angle Grinder for...

  • 4 1/2' cut off wheels for cutting all ferrous metals and stainless

    4 1/2' Cut Off Wheels for Cutting All Ferrous Metals and Stainless

    Applying to cutting all metals including steel、stainless steel and cast iron. They are an excellent choice for cutting alloys, metals, steels and ferrous materials. The wheels unique combination of aluminum oxide abrasives and it's 1/" profile allows for faster, cleaner cuts thru thicker material which...

  • 50 pc 6'x.045'x7/8' cut-off wheels lincoln abrasives metal

    50 Pc 6'x.045'x7/8' Cut-Off Wheels Lincoln Abrasives Metal

    Long lasting aluminum oxide abrasive for stainless steel and most metals. Cut-off Wheel, B, 15-Pack Cutting Wheels Double Reinforced Fiber Flat Grinding Wheel Cutting Blades for Metal and Stainless Steel, T41-A/F46Q4BF 4.5' x .045' x...

  • great deals from benchmark abrasives in 14-cut-off-wheel-

    Great deals from Benchmark Abrasives in 14-Cut-off-Wheel-

    Metal Cut Off Wheels (50). Flap Wheels (41). Hot Abrasive Product. SL-4 NF Aluma Cut Taper Shape 30 Pack 14" x 1/8" x 1" Profession al Metal Steel Stainless Steel Chop Saw Blade.

  • cutting disc 7 inch abrasive steel cutting disc for metal

    Cutting Disc 7 Inch Abrasive Steel Cutting Disc for Metal

    Material:Aluminium Oxide Type:T41Max.RPM:20100 Grit:46# Hardness:S Diameter:3" Thickness:1/16" Arbor Hole:3/8" Application:Slotted plates of metal, steel and stainless 75x1.6x9.5mm Reinforced Mini 3"Cut-off wheel,designed for notching on metal panel.

  • metal cutting tools, cutting inserts and tool holders

    Metal cutting tools, cutting inserts and tool holders

    We offer a huge assortment of world class metal cutting tools and carbide inserts for all kinds of machining operations to the metalworking industry. In this constantly changing manufacturing world, the passion for metal cutting is crucial to stay ahead.

  • ele star high sharpness 4 inch metal cutting discs 105x20x16mm

    ELE STAR high sharpness 4 inch metal cutting discs 105X20X16mm

    ELE STAR Abrasive 4 inch cutting disc. Hot Sale Detonation Polycrystalline Diamond Powder Polishing. Diamond Paste Abrasive Tool Metal Polish For Precision Finishing.

  • hardened steel cutting wheel | pin on abrasives

    Hardened Steel Cutting Wheel | Pin On Abrasives

    This cutting disc is constructed from a hard abrasive used for slicing and cutting metal including hardened steel. Ideal for cutting grooving and trimming all kinds of metal. From past expirience bolt cutters don t play nice with hardened steel p recommendations.

  • metalworking abrasive wheels

    Metalworking Abrasive Wheels

    Metalworking Abrasive Wheels. Displaying 121 to 140 (of 567 products). 2 pack new lenox 1972921 metal max 4 1/2" type 1 cut off wheel free 1STCLS s&h.

  • abrasive wheels & discs

    Abrasive Wheels & Discs

    Hobart 770313 Metal Cut-Off Wheel, Size 7. CCBO T41-A/F46Q4BF 4.5' x .045' x 7/8-Inch, Double reinforced fiber Flat Cut-off Wheel for lapping machine cutting metal and stainless steel, Aluminum Oxide, Max RPM: 13300, 25-Pack.

  • 4-inch super thin professional cutting wheel for inox, - buy

    4-inch super thin Professional Cutting Wheel for Inox, - Buy

    Best Cutting Wheel, Supplied by J Long Hardware Abrasive Co. Ltd . Material: corundum, aluminum oxide as reinforcing abrasive material, mainly for stainless steel, metal, steel, and iron Characteristics: with sharper edge and smaller resistance, cutting...

  • grinding (abrasive cutting) with factory price

    Grinding (abrasive cutting) with factory price

    Grinding is a type of abrasive machining process which uses grinding wheel as cutting tool. A wide variety of machines are used for grinding, best classified as portable or staionary: Portable power tools such as angle grinders, die grinders and cut-off saws.

  • walter 11f052 zip stainless cutoff wheel - [pack of 25]

    Walter 11F052 ZIP Stainless Cutoff Wheel - [Pack of 25]

    Stainless Cutting Wheel: the abrasive wheel is tough and durable. This cut-off wheel does not contain iron, sulfur and chlorine Fast Cutting: this thin cutting wheel can deliver enhanced abrasive performance even at high speeds. The metal cut-off wheel is...

  • weiler 58013 4" x .035" tiger zirc type 1 cutting wheel

    Weiler 58013 4" x .035" Tiger Zirc Type 1 Cutting Wheel

    Grinding Wheel, General Purpose for Metal Designed for high performance cutting and extended wheel life on aluminum. These wheels blend abrasive grains with Weiler's non-loading formula, resulting in a fast and consistent cut rate on aluminum.

  • cut-off wheel, b, 10-pack cutting wheels double reinforced fiber

    Cut-off Wheel, B, 10-Pack Cutting Wheels Double Reinforced Fiber

    Abrasive Wheels & Discs. Cutting Wheel-KangTeer 10pcs 50mm Dia Diamond Coated Cut Grinding Wheel Disc +2pcs 1/8' Shank for Dremel Rotary Tools. Double Sided Diamond Cutting Discs (10 Pcs) - HOT SALE (20mm).

  • katzco reinforced cut-off wheels - 50 pieces - 1.5 inches - abrasive

    Katzco Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels - 50 Pieces - 1.5 Inches - Abrasive

    Abrasive Wheels & Discs. Woodworking Project Plans & Kits. PEGATEC Cut Off Wheels 10 Pack, Quality Thin 4 1/2 x0.04x7/8 inch Cutting Disc, Metal & Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder, General Purpose Metal Cutting (4.5inch).

  • cutting wheels for metal grinder novoabrasive

    cutting wheels for metal grinder NovoAbrasive

    novoabrasive/catalogue/cutting-discs-for-metal/tproduct/300338105-169602418561-krug-otreznoi-po-metallu-novoabrasive-ex metallu-novoabrasive-ex;4820173092291 230 x 2.0 x 22.23;T41;A 30 S BF;6 650;Металл+ Нерж.сталь;25;NAECD23020 link=https...

  • left aviation tin snips - metal shears with jagged and... professional factory

    Left Aviation Tin Snips - Metal Shears With Jagged And... Professional Factory

    Wide Application - Metal scissors for cutting low carbon, cold-rolled 18 gauge steel.operation for left or right handed use and Especially suitable for cutting hard materials,aluminium,sheet metal ,1.2mm cold-rolled steel sheet and 0.8mm stainless steel.

  • china cutting wheels for grinders/metal

    China Cutting Wheels for Grinders/Metal

    Onesize large medium small Universal other Cloth:XXXL Cloth:XXL Cloth:XL Cloth:L Cloth:M Cloth:S Cloth:XS Men:EUR46/US12 Men:EUR45.5/US11.5 Men:EUR45/US11 Men:EUR44.5/US10.5 Men:EUR44/US10 Men:EUR43/US9.5 Men:EUR42.5/US9 Men: EUR42/US8.5 Men:EUR41/US8 Men...

  • t27 9 230mm hot saledrill cutting disc brand cutting disc

    t27 9 230mm hot saledrill cutting disc brand cutting disc

    Cut off Flap Tool Metal Abrasive Polishing Grinding Cutting Disc. US $ 0.73-0.74 / Piece FOB. MOQ: 5,000 Pieces. Grinding Wheel - China Cutting Disc, Cutting Wheel ... Suppliers. 4.5" Cutting Wheel for Metal and Stainless Steel.

  • cutting wheel, cutting disc, grinding... - ascendtrade

    cutting wheel, cutting disc, grinding... - ascendtrade

    abrasive popular for industrial working and home use could be use for stone,metails situation. heavy duty quality and long time use. nova 14inch metal cut-off discs provide superior performance and increased productivity. Abrasive Cutting Disc.

  • abrasive metal cutting disc | disco corte de metal/t41

    Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc | Disco Corte De Metal/T41

    For Metal Hot sales Kseibi Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc,US $ 0.17 - 1.65 / Piece, Jiangsu, China (Mainland), KSEIBI,high quality Metal Cutting Discs Accesorios herramientas eléctricas. Disco Corte De Metal/T41.

  • china cutting disc grinding wheel baking oven manufacturers

    China Cutting disc grinding wheel baking oven Manufacturers

    Coated Abrasive Conversion Machines. Abrasive Roll Slitting Machine. 14inch 355mm T41 Cutting Wheel Making Machine. The two workstations cutting wheel making The two workstations cutting wheel making machine is used for molding fiberglass reforced...