Abrasives Strip Discs

Abrasives Strip Disc is a kind of high strength, high wear-resisting, honeycomb, soft grinding wheel.

Product Details

Clean Strip Disc Abrasive Disc
Clean Strip Disc for Grinder Working Paint Removing
* Remove Rust, Paint, Scaling and Oxidation Effortlessly
* Excellent for removing paint,varnish,welding point,rust,sealant and other surface contaminants.
* Durable Rust Stripping Disc Features: The grinder strip disc is used to remove the paint or rust without damaging the original
surface. Uniform grinding effect, less dust.
Disc Strip Disc Abrasive Clean Stripping
Type 27 Flat- The best choice for finishing*Used primarily on flat surfaces

*The best choice for blending and smooth finishing

Type 29 Conical- The best choice for stock removal

*Conical flap discs have angled flaps and may be used on both and may be used on both
*The angle provides greater surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces
Disc Strip Disc Abrasive Clean Stripping