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    Explore handy and useful flap disc 125 now. 125 mm Diamond flap discs abrasive with nylon backing for polishing metals and stainless steel.

  • 5" 125mm surface conditioning flap discs | smith & arrow

    5" 125mm Surface Conditioning Flap Discs | Smith & ARROW

    5″, 125mm. Non Woven Surface Conditioning Material. Excellent for polishing and surface conditioning on all metal. Suitable for weld line cleaning, blending of handling marks and scratches and deburring before paint. The advantages of Flap Discs are that the flaps each attack the surface...

  • 10pcs 240 grit flap sanding polishing wheel head disc & 3mm

    10PCS 240 Grit Flap Sanding Polishing Wheel Head Disc & 3mm

    125mm FLAP DISCS 5" 80 GRIT WHEELS ZIRCONIA ANGLE GRINDER GRINDING SANDING x 10. Abrasive Flap Sanding Disc Sand Paper Polish Grind Wheel 80 120 240 320 Grit DIY.

  • josco 125mm fine poly flap disc - bunnings australia

    Josco 125mm Fine Poly Flap Disc - Bunnings Australia

    Josco Poly Flap Discs are ideal for removing rust from steel surfaces, cleaning up and removing paint from steel, stainless steel and aluminium, cleaning and finishing of TIG weld seams, polishing stainless steel, and light de-burring and descaling Model Name. Josco Poly Flap Disc 125MM Fine.

  • buffing and polishing flap disc 5" 125mm flexpro - robson's tool

    Buffing and polishing Flap disc 5" 125mm FLEXPRO - Robson's Tool

    Product Description. Buffing & polishing flap disc. 125mm (5"). Ideal for polishing and buffing of metal surfaces these discs are designed to be used with polishing paste, compounds or rouges and are ideal for finishing work pieces, tanks, bullbars and metal plate.

  • norton 125mm felt flap disc 63642573692 | total tools

    NORTON 125mm Felt Flap Disc 63642573692 | Total Tools

    Welding Accessories Welding Leads/Hoses Welding Nozzles Welding Regulators Welding Tips. Rapid Polish T27 is designed with radially arranged felt flaps combined with a polishing compound to give the perfect mirror finish. Specifications.

  • stainless steel flap discs, 125 mm, 60 grit, abrasive flap discs

    Stainless Steel Flap Discs, 125 mm, 60 Grit, Abrasive Flap Discs

    Abrasive flap discs for 125 mm angle grinders. › See more product details. Flap discs are saucer-shaped sanding discs with overlapping flaps of abrasive material that are applied to the work in a circular Application examples include the machining of welds, deburring, rust removal and fettling.

  • flap disk support glass fiber flap disc 125 and 2 flap disc polishing

    flap disk support glass fiber flap disc 125 and 2 flap disc polishing

    different sizes flap disc welding seams in philippines ... Flap Disc Abrasives - Zycon. hebei boxian industrial co.ltd (qinhuangdao city, AK). Manufacturer. Products application Fiberglass backing is specially made for making flap disc.The excircle of backing disc is dealed with polishing without burr...

  • 5" 125mm t27 t29 abrasive vsm 266x polishing ceramic flexible

    5" 125mm T27 T29 abrasive VSM 266X polishing ceramic flexible

    ceramic. Flaps: 28x17mm 72pcs. Type: T27/T29,Abrasive Disc. backing: fiberglass. Product name: VSM Ceramic flap disc. SONGQI abrasive cutting disc for metal cutting.

  • 100mm, 115mm, 125mm wool felt polishing flap disc for metal

    100mm, 115mm, 125mm Wool Felt Polishing Flap Disc for Metal

    Flap disc with fiberglass backing, circle disc with fiberglass/nylon backing. INQUIRY. PDF Format. 1) Quality raw materials Australia imported wool material. 2) Various sizes: DIMENSIONS (mm).

  • segmented flap discs - polishing & grinding discs | cs unitec

    Segmented Flap Discs - Polishing & Grinding Discs | CS Unitec

    CS Unitec offers a wide range of flap discs for polishing, grinding, surface conditioning and multi-purpose usage. These pictures show the clear difference between a CS Unitec flap disc with hard-pressed flaps (top) and a standard flap disc with fiberglass backing and unpressed flaps (bottom).

  • market.yandex.ru/search?text=Круг веерный зачистной flap disc

    market.yandex.ru/search?text=Круг веерный зачистной FLAP DISC

    China Flap Disc manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Flap Disc products in best price from certified Chinese Cutting Disc, Grinding Disc Materials: aluminium oxide Shape: T27/T29(convex) Backing: fiber glass, plastic Application: for surface grinding and polishing of metal, steel or wood.

  • aluminum flap disc wholesales in china | purui polishing products

    Aluminum Flap Disc Wholesales In China | PURUI Polishing Products

    Aluminum Flap Disc with Fiberglass Backing. Abrasive: Aluminium oxide. Aluminum flap disc is used for grinding and polishing metal, non-ferrous metal, iron, cast iron, and sanding weld joint. Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide or zirconium oxide. Available Size: Diameter: 125, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300...

  • 125mm zirconia flap disc with fiberglass back for polishing stainless

    125mm zirconia flap disc with fiberglass back for polishing stainless

    Details. Zirconia flap disc. The base of the flap disc is a kind of expendable fiber coated with resin abrasive cloth.

  • brown color flap disc with fiberglass backing for metal polishing

    Brown Color Flap Disc with Fiberglass Backing for Metal Polishing

    Features: Also known as sand disc, sand disc, grinding disc, high-speed grinding disc. Hot Tags: fiber disc(coated ), manufacturers, suppliers, customized, for sale, free sample, Sponge Grinding Block, Premium RIP Cutting Disc, Mini 3 115mm Zirconium Flap Disc for Stainless Steel Polishing.

  • fiberglass backing_abrasive - cutting wheel - flap disc - sanding

    Fiberglass Backing_Abrasive - Cutting wheel - Flap disc - Sanding

    The fiberglass flap disc is used for deburring removing welding seams and spots removing scale rust and oxidation. Long-service life save users' cost and time. Economical friendly. For all kinds of bending point and plane polishing. Specially developed for all metal and high hardness materials.

  • fiberglass flap disc manufacturers, suppliers - pingdingshan maliang

    fiberglass flap disc Manufacturers, Suppliers - Pingdingshan Maliang

    fiberglass flap disc,Abrasive Cloth Roll,Flexible Grinding Disc,Brown Pulverized Corundum ,Pingdingshan Maliang Abrasive Co., Ltd. manufacturers & suppliers. Rules: 100mm 125mm, 72, 90 pages, granularity, p60 - p120 . the product can be made of different specifications according to...

  • 100mm, 115mm, 125mm wool felt polishing flap disc for metal

    100mm, 115mm, 125mm Wool Felt Polishing Flap Disc for Metal

    Polishing Disc 115mm for use with polishing soaps.... Welding Supplies Postage. We have tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Postage charges for UK Mainland: £3.00 + vat for deliveries costing up to £10 £5.00 + vat for deliveries between £10 - £50 £7.00 + vat for deliveries over £50.

  • 125x22mm aluminum oxide flap disc for metal and alloy polishing

    125x22mm Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc For Metal And Alloy Polishing

    Zirconia flap disc Calcined flap disc brown alumina flap disc. hot popular Angle Grinder Flap Disc for grinding. high quality Zirconium Abrasive Flap Disc polishing stainless steel, metal,wood. 150x22mm zirconia flap disc with fiber backing for polishing and grinding alloy and knives.

  • coated abrasives - metal flap disc oem manufacturer from

    COATED ABRASIVES - Metal Flap Disc OEM Manufacturer from

    Fiber Discs Saitej Fiber discs are the most classic of grinding wheel product designs using a heavy-duty Saitej Flap Discs consist of sanding strips adhered to a strong fiberglass backing plate in an blending,deburring and finishing applications common in the metal fabrication,welding & polishing.

  • flap disc grinding welds

    Flap Disc Grinding Welds

    125mm 5" 125mm FLAP DISCS Calcined Sand SANDING DISC Grit 40-240 Angle Grinder. EBTOOLS Polishing Wheel,10pcs Sanding Polishing Wheel Grinding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc With 6mm Shank 30 X 40 X 6mm For Stainless Steel Fittings/valves/concave And Convex...

  • 5 125mm electroplated diamond flap grinding disc wheel

    5 125mm Electroplated Diamond Flap Grinding Disc Wheel

    Flap Wheel Disc, Flapper Disc, Abrasive Flap Disc manufacturer supplier in China, offering Z-Lion Diamond Electroplated Flap Sanding Disc for Stone Concrete Glass Grinding, 125mm Turbo Rim Diamond Blades Dry Wet Cutting Disc Ston Saw Blade, Multi Purpose 5inch/125mm Abrasive Stone...

  • zirconia alumina angle grinder flap sanding disc polishing...

    Zirconia Alumina Angle Grinder Flap Sanding Disc Polishing...

    POLIFAN flap discs A SGP CURVE SG ALU and PSF ALU + STONE ALU for fillet weld grinding (the cut-off wheels only flap disc with flaps on the circumference and a specially devel-oped coating that prevents chips from adhering). The innovative ALUMASTER High Speed Disc can be found in...

  • pdf fibre backing flap discs

    PDF Fibre backing flap discs

    Polishing Flap DiscPolishing flap disc delivers outstanding results through an innovative, highly effective grinding fleece arranged in a fan-shaped lamella structure. Especially adjusted for working on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, and non-ferrous metal.

  • abrasive flap disc 125 x 22,2 mm grit 80 - * erhaso webshop

    Abrasive Flap Disc 125 x 22,2 mm Grit 80 - * ERHASO WEBSHOP

    Heavy Duty Flap Disc for use on grinders for rust removal, grinding and smoothing weldings Grit 80, 12200 rpm = 80m/s.